Rue Mohamed Hamdane, BP41 4054 Sousse – Sahloul, Tunisie

Medic' Multiservices ensures Medical coverage of massive one time events, or remote sites of production or exploration of oil, gases, mines…

Upon request , with paramedical or doctor experienced in emergency, with equipment and medical consumables adapted to the needs of the site and the demands of the client, Medic' Multiservices provides a medical service of high quality , centered at first on the coverage of emergencies as per "the state of the art". By staff members well oiled to the everyday life emergency situations patients transport, alongside the daily basis coverage of the pathology and the potential follow-up and controls as part of the occupational health.

In case of a severe medical event, Medic’ Multiservices ensures, in coordination with the doctor on site and via its 24hrs operational room, the assistance and coordination of the transfer with the adapted means as well as the admission of the patient in the adequate medical structure.